Convertible Parts for Sale



1970 Single Barracuda/`cuda convertible rear interior panel. Passenger side. Original RED plastic. Manual window. Very Good condition. Will trade for driver's side original RED panel with manual window.   or  --------------   $ 1,000.00

1970 A Pair of Challenger convertible rear interior panels. Original RED plastic. Both have speaker holes. Manual windows. Good condition. --------- $ 300.00


1970 Disc brake spindle. Driver's side only. Excellent condition. ---------------------------------------- $ 45.00

Pair of original WHITE 70-74 Barracuda door arm rest pads. Excellent condition. ------------------------ $ 45.00

Single Passenger WHITE 70-74 Barracuda door arm rest pad. Very good condition. -------------------- $ 25.00

1970 A pair of hard top inner windshield pillar molding original RED plastic. Excellent condition. ----------$ 110.00

1970 Automatic console. Original RED plastic. Good condition.-------------------------------------------$ 390.00

1970 A pair of E-Body hard top coat hook hangers. Original RED plastic/rubber. Excellent condition. ----- $ 45.00

1970 A set of E-Body dash pad air conditioning vents. Original RED plastic. Very good condition. -------- $ 110.00

1970 E-Body left hand side, lower dash molding. Under the heater controls. Original RED plastic. --------- $65.00

1970-74 E-Body trunk hinge hard ware. Complete. Excellent condition. ----------------------------------- $ 25.00

All item are open to negotiations. E-Mail for pictures.


Any 1970 E-body RED interior Part.-----------